Rapid Inject®

Pacosar Services is the exclusive distributor in East Europa for Rapid Inject® masterbatches from the french producer JMPolymer.

An innovative product


Boost productivity of plastic injection and molding by up to 40% by using Rapid Inject.


RAPID INJECT® RI 500 is a 100% polypropylene, specially treated granule which, when added in small quantities to your raw materials, will save you time and money.


This innovative new product changes melting and cooling characteristics of PP and HDPE, improving productivity of injection or blow molding by significantly decreasing cooling time, without any modification of the initial settings on the tools or machines.



Better productivity


Improvement of 25 % to 40 % for PP and 10% to 20 % for HDPE.

Time saving


Easier mold filling and faster mold removal which reduces cooling time.

Energy efficient


Reduces heating process by about 30 degrees.



Intended for pieces ranging from 120 grams to 4 kilos.



Safe to use in food commodities and medical grade items.



Does not alter optical qualities (i.e. transparency or color)


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A 52,9 seconds cycle without Rapid Inject®



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A 38,6 seconds cycle with Rapid Inject®


Technical Data



Rapid Inject in form of pellets can be delivered in:

12,7 Kg Bags

952 Kg Pallets






We recommend to stock the product in a dry warehouse for a maximum of 2 years.


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